Sewing Machine Service

Keep your Home Sewing Machine performing its best with our Full Service Tune-up. 

Sewing machines require regular (once a year) servicing to inspect, clean, lubricate and make adjustments.  Having a machine regularly serviced will ensure it operates smoothly, keeps tension and timing in alignment, prevents small problems from becoming BIG problems, and extends the life of your machine.

At Alyssum Patch, we are proud to offer Full Service Tune-ups on most makes and models of home sewing machines and sergers.  Full Service Tune-ups include:  Extensive Inspections, Pre-Testing, Removal of Covers, Thorough Cleaning Inside & Out, Basic Chemical Treatments, Systematic 49 point Mechanical Inspection, Complete Adjustments to Manufacturer’s Specifications, and Comprehensive Stitch Function and Operations Testing.  We serve customers in Howell, Michigan and surrounding areas.

How much does it cost?

*Full Service Tune-Up                                   $129

Additional Machine on Same Ticket             $99

*Pick-up & delivery of your sewing machine or serger is included with a Full Service Tune-up, within 30 miles of Howell, MI.  If you live outside of our service area, additional delivery fees will apply.  

How it works

Request service: Complete our Sewing Machine Service Request Form or call (810) 295-1125 to request service of your sewing machine or serger.  Our Scheduling Department will work with you to arrange a day and block of time for picking up your machine to bring back to our shop.

At pick-up:  Please have your sewing machine, power cord, foot control, zig zag presser foot, and bobbin ready for transport.  Our technician will complete a service intake form with you and take photos of your machine.   

Service:  At our shop, your machine will enter our queue for service.  During service, if we discover any issue beyond the scope of a tune-up, we will contact you with details and estimated cost of repair for your consideration.  We will only proceed with making repairs with your approval (written or verbal).  

Order Completion:  When service is complete, we will contact you to schedule delivery of your machine and provide you with an invoice.   Invoices can be paid in advance online, or in-person at the time of delivery.  We accept cash, most major credit cards, Apple Pay, Venmo and PayPal.  We do not accept personal checks.  

    How long will it take?

    Our goal is to get your machine back to you as quickly as possible, while providing top quality service.  In most cases your machine will be tuned-up and ready for delivery within a few days.  Machines needing repairs or part replacements may take additional time, so it's recommended to plan for a two-week window.

    Am I able to reschedule pick-up or delivery?

    Yes, we understand that things come up.  If you are needing to reschedule pick-up or delivery of your machine, as a courtesy we ask for as much advance notice as possible.  Our shop space is limited, so we ask that delivery of the machine be made within 30 days of completion of service.  Machines left in our care after 60 days of completion of service will be considered abandoned.

    Of special note:

    While we strive to honor our delivery commitments, please understand that there may be instances when we may need to reschedule your pick-up/delivery appointment.  If so we will contact you as soon as possible and reschedule at the earliest opportunity.


    At this time we do not service Bernina, Viking Epic Series, Multineedle Embroidery Machines, Longarms, or Industrial Machines.  We do not complete warranty repairs and recommend that these be completed by your machine dealer.