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Ceramic Flower Magnetic Needle Minder and Polisher

Ceramic Flower Magnetic Needle Minder and Polisher

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Never fear a wandering needle again.  This magnetic needle minder is a handy sewing accessory to rest your sewing needles during projects. A built in needle polisher will ensure your needles stay sharp and move smoothly through cloth. 

The flower shaped needle rest is made of glazed ceramic, the same type that has been used as kawara roofing tiles on Japanese castles for centuries.  

The needle minders are made on Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture, which is rich in high quality clay for making ceramics. It is one of the leading kawara-producing areas in Japan. 

How to use the needle polisher

  1. Slowly insert a needle from the tip into the hole on the side and pull the needle out. Please be careful of the needle tip. 
  2. For better polishing, after inserting the needle, move it back and forth while pushing up on the logo mark on the bottom also rotate the needle several times to polish the entire surface.
  3. In case abrasive dust adheres to the needle, wipe it off with a cloth before using the needle.
  4. Needle polisher should be used when needles are dirty and no longer sharp. Excessive needle polishing may cause scratches and rust on the needles.

Dimensions: 1-5/8" x 2/3" (40 X 17mm)

Made in Japan


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