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Ceramic Spool Magnetic Pin Holder

Ceramic Spool Magnetic Pin Holder

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Keep your pins, needles, and paperclips tidy with a super-strong magnetic spool from Cohana! Magnetic inside and out, it catches all the little runaways, including stitch markers. A soft lining inside protects pin and needle points from damage. This is a fantastic accessory for organization at your workstation.

The spool is made of Hasami Ware, a type of traditional ceramic that has a 400-year history. Typically, Hasami ware is used for simple, everyday items. The exquisite glaze brings out beautiful colors and appealing textures that elevate utility items beyond the ordinary.

Available in three colors:  Gray, Yellow, and Sage Green. Each comes in a stylish box that makes it an unforgettable gift. 

Dimensions: 1-⅜” in diameter and just under 2" tall

Made in Japan


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